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Grow Up Gaby - My SELF LOVE Mug - Self Care | Motivational Mug

Product Info

Product Name: My SELF LOVE mug - Self Care, Motivational Mug, Law of attraction, Manifest, Affirmation, Positivity gift, Mindset, Motivational Mug. Self love is an important attribute to good mental health and wellbeing... It can often reduce anxiety and depression too! Positive affirmations are very powerful and can reprogram our subconscious mind to believe anything we want it to - it is scientifically proven! If read often affirmations can block out negative and self sabotaging thoughts and lead us to achieve things we never thought we could! Be a supportive friend and buy this as a positive gift for someone who really needs it right now or for yourself, to make you smile through out the day... because mental health matters. - An 11oz, high quality ceramic mug, printed with wrap around design. - All ceramic items are dishwasher and microwave safe.